Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Falling in a Pool of Mustard

Elizabeth and her daddy are two of a kind. They laugh at the same things, joke about the same things, and even fight over the same things. Monday night after we got home from a long day in St. George, Kevin and Elizabeth decided to ride their bikes to Maverik to try out the new milkshake machine they have, which by-the-way wasn't working. So instead they rode all the way to Dairy Queen and enjoyed a hamburger and ice cream together. Surprisingly Elizabeth ate the whole hamburger (with mustard) All that bike riding must have made her hungry. As they ate they talked about stuff, ya know stuff.

Then Elizabeth says, "Why doesn't Mommy like mustard, Daddy?"

You see, a few years ago she discovered that she likes something that I don't and she will gladly rub it in every time she gets the chance. Probably because I try to get her to eat so many things she says she doesn't like.

So Kevin says, "I don't know, let's try to guess why." And they start making up things and they laugh and they laugh again.

"Mommy doesn't like it because when she was a baby she fell into a pool of mustard." I can just hear Elizabeth's chuckle over that one.

The real question now is, did that really happen? Maybe that is why I hate mustard and I never realized it. I'll have to ask
my mom what she was doing by that pool of mustard??

Eli Update

Update of Eli...we talked to the Doctor today and learned that he doesn't have cystic fibrosis, phew! However, we have an appointment to see a specialist at the Primary Children's Hospital in 3 weeks. His nose and lungs are cleared up, but it is certain that he still has trouble breathing as his chest is still retracting and he gasps for air sometimes, and still not gaining the weight he should be. I hope we can get to the bottom of this. I've been really nervous and on edge lately, and just want my baby to be healthy. He's so little, I just worry, as mothers do. Keep us in your prayers.