Thursday, June 25, 2009

We've got windows!!

Father's Day + Zion's Free Weekend = One Awesome Day!

Saturday Zion National Park sponsored a free day. So, for a little Father's Day Adventure we decided to take advantage of it. We had only ever hiked to the Lower Emerald Pool and that day we chose to try something different and venture up to the Upper Pools. Man, was it ever a challenge (especially pushing the stroller that obviously is not built to take hiking). The kids did so great and Kyler surprised me with his determination and ability to climb over those big rocks all by himself. I have to remind myself, as his mother, that he is growing up and needs to feel like he can do it himself. Go Kyler!
When we finally reached the Upper Pool it took our breaths away! There is such a dramatic difference between the lower pool and the upper. The weather was perfect, there was lots of sand to play in and the pool itself was nestled in the canyon. A very cool and inviting place. It was worth the rocky and bumpy hike it took to get there. Thank you Zion for having a free day. Thank you Kevin for being such a loving daddy. For making our kids laugh everyday and for being my support and best friend! I love you! Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kyler's 5th Birthday!

Kyler turned 5 on June 9th and his party was so much fun! It was his first ever friend party and we were so pleased with all his friends that came. There were water balloons, swimming pools, sidewalk chalk, balloons shaped like swords and puppies, homemade ice cream and presents galore! The weather was surprisingly chilly (that never happens in June). And the park is right behind our house, it was so convienent! The ladies came and visited while the kids played and got wet. It was oodles of fun for everyone!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Pics.....

Liz and buddy Greyson.

Ah brothers!

Yea, our stairs are complete!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our First Gala

So...this last school year was just an awesome experience for Elizabeth! She had an excellent teacher. Ms. Vari went above and beyond the regular 2nd Grade Teacher expectations. She had a great discipline system, neat science projects. She was the only teacher to have a piano IN her room. She held a class election and the kids who wanted to wrote a speech and they all voted for who they thought would be the best president (on election day). -Liz didn't win but she had so much fun trying! But one of the best things (at least in my book) was she really taught the kids that they could make a difference in the world. She, on her own, planned this year-long project [which she received a grant for]. She called it Blankets of Hope, and the kids where involved in every process. From purchasing the material to sewing the blankets and making cards. It was alot of work...but so fulfilling! Kids and parent volunteers got together every month to work on these blankets. The first batch was sent to children who had to spend the holidays in the hospital, and then we made a batch for the soldiers in Afghanistan, and the last batch was for kids in foster homes. I tell you, it was an awesome experience! This is exactly the kind of thing I would love to see in every school!
Which leads us to the Gala (the title of this post).
I have never been to a Gala before. I barely even knew that Gala was a word. The Gala was held at the Salt Palace which consisted of presentations of projects thoughout the state. People who are making a difference in the world and how they are doing it. There were people making baby hats for hospitals, building barns and access decks for helpless people on the reservation, recording relatives' stories to share their experiences...and so much more, I can't remember them all.
Ethan (the class president), Elizabeth, and Jesse were there, and THEY were telling everyone of their Blankets of Hope project. It was a proud-mom-moment for me! Ms. Vari was there to give moral support, but she wanted the kids to have the experience. She made it all for them. What an amazing teacher! I am sad to say that she is moving and next school year she will be teaching a very fortunate class somewhere in Nebraska. Her new husband is going to law school. We wish her all the best!
The Gala was fun! There was free food and drinks and a silent auction. It was neat to see all of the artifacts and paintings from all over the world that people have collected and auctioned off. My favorite was the paintings of Italy.
Elizabeth and I had such a fun girls' trip to Salt Lake. Looking at these pictures just reminds me that my little girl is growing up too fast! Becoming such a little lady who chooses Hannah Montana over Dora the Explorer and is into sleepovers and chapter books with rainbow fairies. Why can't she just stay little forever??:)She is a beautiful little lady!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our house, so far.

No line at the swimming pool??

So the last time we were at the big indoor pool in washington I noticed something that disturbed me greatly. There was no line to use the restroom! Why? I know there was close to a bazillion people out in that pool. Think about everytime you go to the movie or to a sporting event, there is a line out the door to use the toilet. Not at the swimming pool though. Nope, you can choose any urinal you want, they are all available. You can even do your about to pee your pants dance, cause theres no one around to see. Think about that next time you get water in your mouth at the pool.