Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catch Up

To all my friends who are bloggers and not facebookers this post is for you! I'm sorry I've been so bad at blogging. Since I found facebook that's what I spend my free time doing.

We are still at Primary Children's Hospital this morning. It's Sunday the 21st of September. Eli had surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids on Friday the 19th. Everything went well, the doc said his tonsils were pretty good size, but his adenoids were "humongous." His breathing already sounds much better. The recovery has been a bear, though. Because his airways are so tiny even a little swelling causes problems with oxygen. So he is still hooked to the machine with oxygen support.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Peach Days Fun! September 2008

Kyler's First Day of Preschool

What a handsome boy (note: no more cast)! Kyler is now going to Head Start Monday through Thursday. He loves going to school. It keeps him busy and he has so much fun. Head Start is a great program, Liz really enjoyed it when she was that age. They feed them breakfast and lunch, they get their own toothbrushes and they brush their teeth at school, they have a nice playground with sand pits and swings and slides and bikes, and they do centers and circle time. It's better than Kindergarten. I wish the Kindergarten program was as good as this. I am glad it is available to us. Kyler's favorite thing is taking his Diego backpack and also finding his name all around the classroom.
I am getting age reality check lately. Not only do I have two kids in school now, but i'll be the big three-o in just a couple of weeks. Eeek! It really isn't too bad, I'm looking forward to all the experiences and opportunities the 30s will bring. The 20s have been good to me and I'm preparing myself to say goodbye to those days as I welcome the days ahead! Here's to Paulette Farnsworth turning 30!