Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer in a flash

This is what we did this summer
Some of it's fun, some of it's crazy, some of it's just simply good times.

I went to Girl's Camp and it rocked!

Roadrunner's game with fireworks after. Eli was fascinated by the team's mascot and was a little frightened to get his picture taken with him (just see the look on his face). He's so funny! (Kevin just informed me that there won't be any more Roadrunner games for they went bankrupt.):(:( It's a good thing we went! Good memories!

Kyler turned 6 and I made him an awesome Mario cake. He loved it and told me it looked "perfect". He's so sweet!

My nephew got married and we went to his reception up in Logan. We got some beautiful pictures by the temple. Who knows when we'll make it up that far again?

HONK! Jr. Yes, Liz was in it. She was one of the mean little ducklings, and the cutest, I might add.:) She had so much fun performing and she did a fantastic job. We're definitely doing it again next year!

Elizabeth turned 9, and I made her an ice cream cake. I had fun doing it. She had a fun party. We all went to the pool for a swim and played games. And she got her first Taylor Swift CD.

Eli's cousins dressed him up like a girl and in the pictures he is just mortified! I'd had never seen him act like that. I could tell he hated it, but was too afraid to admit it because he worships Katie (the cousin holding him). I couldn't help but laugh. These are some funny pictures to look back on. It's blackmail material....sorry Eli.:):)

We had a blast with the cousins. We took them to Zion and then Liz got to go down with them for 2 whole weeks in AZ all by herself. We took a trip down there to pick her up. She had the time of her life. We so missed her while she was gone.

I went to Youth Conference. It was a last minute thing, and turned out to be somewhat of a miracle trip for me. All I can say is that I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to go. We did baptisms at the Jordan River Temple (the first temple I ever did baptisms at when I waa 12) and the Oquirrah (probably not spelled right). Then a trip up to Temple Square and a day at Lagoon. Very fun!! Oh and the Castle Valley Pageant we saw too.

Kevin and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. Saw "Much Ado About Nothing" and the Shakespeare Festival and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. It was a VERY fun date!

Last but not least, our camping trip up at Kolob Reservoir with the Beatty's and Gubler's. We even saw an owl! It was awesome!!

Be sure to enjoy the slide show below!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day of Camelot

Also known as, Days I wish I had shards of glass in my eyes.

We went on friday to experience a different era in history, to educate our kids of this unique time, a much less civilized time. Knights in shining armour, bloody battles with crude weapons, you know that sort of thing.

First off, if this was Camelot, then it was a lot smaller than I had pictured, which did have it's perks, like excellent parking close to the entrance. It was amazing being one of only three families there as all these talented individuals portraying the different characters of the time were able to focus on us and almost stalkingly follow us around the grounds. (Let's be honest, who hasn't always wanted a stalker!) These guys were pretty classy, imagine if you will those fine people who help with the travelling circus, now add more awesomeness to the picture and whalah, you have the people of camelot!

Then there was the varities of chocolate....I'll let my wife Paulette tell you about that. (Please see

My favorite part would have to be the belly dancer. I have posted a picture for your viewing pleasure. (Thanks to The Spectrum for your wise choice of pictures)

Friday, May 28, 2010

3rd Grade

So this will be short. My daughter brought home a video her teacher had made of different activities they were involved in throughout the school year, it was nice to be able to see all the cool things they did. Towards the end they played a montague of all the kids posing in front of pictures of George Washington and Abe Lincoln wearing a suit coat and posing like they were the next President of the United States, all the while the song "God Bless the USA" is playing in the background. When Elizabeth came up on the screen sporting the Black Suit Coat and looking very sophisticated (and extremely beautiful), I cried. Now before my man card get's taken away, let me expound. I didn't sob, just merely shed a tear and I am very proud of my little girl who's growing up.

The end.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Southern Callifornia Family Vacation 2010

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Been A While's been a while since I posted here. Thanksgiving....really? I figured the Christmas Theme was a little outdated so now we have a makeover.

Let's catch up shall we??...What HAVE the Farnsworth's been up to since Thanksgiving, anyway?

For Christmas we did something bold and actually left town (something we haven't done since our first Christmas together as man and wife). Kevin's parents moved to Snowflake, AZ just after Thanksgiving and we wanted to see their place and "get away" so to speak. Building a house for months and months will do that to you, I suppose.:)

It was fun and exciting to say the least. Snowflake is a cute little town nestled in the Arizona mountain range.

We found a snowy hill, a plastic disk, and went for a fun ride. I am pretty sure it was the FIRST time our kids have experienced this thrill. Living in So Utah will do that to ya.:) Liz had such a good time. Kyler was scared of the disk and had more fun chasing Dad down the hill (whatever makes him happy). I tried it once and then I was too cold. I don't remember if Eli went down or not (I'm such a good mom).

Other fun things:
We got a tour of Kevin's old girlfriend's house (well, maybe not EXACTLY his old girlfriend....a friend he says....they kinda dated for like a month). Hey, they dated didn't they??:) It was a very nice house...pretty big with beautiful tile work (her husband lays tile for a living). After having just finished our own tile I was pretty impressed. Tiling is NO fun, especially the floor! (I could write a BIG post on tiling....but I'll spare you).
Anyway, as we walked up to their front door Liz says, "Wow, Mommy, they have a big house! How could they afford this house? must have been on sale." Haha! What does that tell you about us...I wonder?:)

To be continued...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Fun Thanksgiving

Kevin's brothers came to visit. We all had so much fun! Cousins are GREAT to be with! We are indeed thankful for family! Ty made some really tasty beans (the Farnsworth tradition beans and tortillas yummy!), Nathan made good pasta. We had yummy moist turkey with all the trimmings, pies galore...even cheesecake (that I ate too much of).

The kids and everyone loved the park behind our house. They had so much fun playing football. and apparently posing for pictures (as you can see). We miss them already! It was a Thanksgiving to remember!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ah...House Updates

The doors are in, the trim is done, the floors are clean (well, as good as they can be right now), the putty and sanding are done, the paint is done, and the tile is in process. The outside of the house hasn't changed much...and my apologies for not having more pictures of the inside. Those are soon to come. Cabinets should be in by Thanksgiving (fingers crossed), and the last BIG job we have to do before it's complete is the landscaping. The end is near...but there is still SO much to do! Seriously, if you are ever bored come on over...I'll put you to work! We'd love to have you!
This is the landscape plan. Isn't it lovely? The trees look a little juvenile...but it's all good.