Saturday, October 4, 2008

Two Weeks After Surgery and All is Well!

Here it is October 4th already. It's been 2 weeks since we were at Primary Children's and I must reassure you that Eli is doing very very well. We came home Sunday afternoon (the 21st) with Eli hooked to the oxygen tank. But by Monday, the very next day, he was doing just fine on his own. And now he is doing just great and not even needing Tylenol anymore. We go up again on the 16th for a follow-up. It has been wonderful to see him NOT gasp for air while he sleeps and he breathes so quietly now. We were a little nervous that it would take away his happiness, but it hasn't been so. He smiles even more now, if that's possible.:) And he eats like a horse. He is finally starting to put on that baby weight that he should have been months ago. It's just wonderful!

He's so curious about everything that is in his sight. He has to grab at whatever he can. He loves the attention he gets from his big brother and sister. They can make him laugh so easily and it's so fun to see the joy in their faces as they interact with each other. That's the funnest part of having more than one kid. Eli is also eating some solid foods and loves to eat anything that has some flavor to it. He is starting to babble a little, saying "da da da," and he loves to squeel. I'll get some more pictures on here soon. He's changing so much!

Kevin is still going strong at Deseret Laboratories. I am very thankful that he is able to keep such a secure position there, especially in tough financial times like these. This week DLI layed off 12% of their workers and some of them came as quite a surprise. But luckily Kevin still has his job. Times seem to be rough, and my heart goes out to anyone who has to go through the agony of job searching.

Last Sunday we got the news that we will be in the 14th Ward from now on. Our whole stake went through changes and created 2 new wards. We will miss our friends in the 8th Ward, but we are also excited for the new people we'll meet and glad for the freshness of a change.


Lori said...
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Lori said...

Thanks for remembering us bloggers! Glad to hear things are going well for Eli. It sure sounds like they do a lot of layoffs at Kevin's work.

Love ya bunches!