Monday, February 16, 2009

The Cutest Baby in the World is Named Eli

....Okay, so maybe I'm biased...I am his mother, for heaven's sake. But I honestly don't think that anyone would argue with me about him being even a little on the cute side.

These adorable pictures were taken fairly recently. I hope you enjoy them. My favorite is the one of him "talking" on the phone. Gotta love those baby blues! What do you think, should I enter him in that Baby Talk Contest coming up? I admit I have been thinking about it.

Thanks, Aunt Valerie for the cool phone! It was an early 1st Birthday present. Is he really almost a year?? Where does the time go?

We love you, Eli! It is so good to see you plump and healthy!


katie said...

He is getting so big! where does the time go??

miss marie said...

i agree, he is totally adorable in every way. i just love the cheeks. the cheeks and the big blue eyes! sometimes i barely recognize him he's growing so fast. the coldplay c.d. i got is 'parachutes.' i am enjoying it, but am really hoping ben'll give me 'viva la vida' (is that what it's called?) for my birthday. i love that one. i may just have to collect them all. :) i should have listened to you a long time ago!

Lori said...

Is he really almost one! Wow. He is pretty cute.

The Allreds said...

I love Eli! He is so cute! I love how he always flirts with me in Sunday School! (It sure makes Sunday School a little more exciting!) Half the time Kevin doesn't even notice! I think its funny! Anyway, He is adorable!