Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kyler's 5th Birthday!

Kyler turned 5 on June 9th and his party was so much fun! It was his first ever friend party and we were so pleased with all his friends that came. There were water balloons, swimming pools, sidewalk chalk, balloons shaped like swords and puppies, homemade ice cream and presents galore! The weather was surprisingly chilly (that never happens in June). And the park is right behind our house, it was so convienent! The ladies came and visited while the kids played and got wet. It was oodles of fun for everyone!


Tink said...

I'm sad that I missed his party. I'm glad I caught the tail end of it though! The cupcakes look yummy, you made me hungry!

Heather Layton said...

I'll have to show this to Mark, he will be so proud to see him sporting the blue shirt so young!