Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Fun Thanksgiving

Kevin's brothers came to visit. We all had so much fun! Cousins are GREAT to be with! We are indeed thankful for family! Ty made some really tasty beans (the Farnsworth tradition beans and tortillas yummy!), Nathan made good pasta. We had yummy moist turkey with all the trimmings, pies galore...even cheesecake (that I ate too much of).

The kids and everyone loved the park behind our house. They had so much fun playing football. and apparently posing for pictures (as you can see). We miss them already! It was a Thanksgiving to remember!


katie said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Tink said...

Fun. I saw the dog on your lawn and wondered if you got a new dog. Then I realized it probably was just visiting!

The Caffeinated Chef said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving.