Friday, April 11, 2008

A good scare

Hello everyone! It's been a good day today. It was an absolute gorgeous day in St. George, but a very windy and cold one in Hurricane. It's been very windy lately here, as we are reminded how Hurricane got it's name. But everything is blossoming and growing around us. It is beautiful! I absolutely love springtime as long as I can survive the allergies. I have to tell you a funny story, it's funny to me anyway. You just had to be there. OK, so I get home from my evening walk with my friends, Katie & Marie, and we, like all females do, started talking and talking about random things and suddenly the trash can that was sitting by the car in the driveway tipped over, and it startled us. I immediately thought that Kevin must be behind it and he'll come out and scream to scare us any second now. He just does things like that. Well, we looked and waited, but nothing happened. So I thought it must have just been the wind or something strange. So we keep talking and sharing stories and a few minutes later a rock comes flying towards us out of no where. We were thinking "what is going on? Rocks don't just do that. There has to be someone back there throwing rocks, but where are they?" We waited a minute and when nothing happened we continued our conversation, and then it happened again, and again nothing. Now, you have to realize it's dark outside with dark shadows everywhere. So we creep along the street with great anticipation, waiting for another rock or someone to jump out and scream. When I got to the end of the driveway another rock shot through the air and it startled me from all the anticipation, then Kevin jumps our from behind the car and scares us half to death. Geese, he had a lot of patience to sit there that long, you know how long women can talk. But he got a good laugh out of it. He scared us pretty good.

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FireMedicMom said...

That's a great story- sounds like you guys know how to have fun. :) Check out my blog as well.