Monday, June 30, 2008

Little Eli's Ventures

Wow, the weeks have slipped by this month. So much has happened, I don't know if I can write it all.

Eli has had trouble breathing because of congestion and possibly some other issues. I switched doctor's last week because Dr. Smith just wasn't listening and didn't want to do anything about it, and I can't get in to see the ENT until July 23rd. So I've switched to Dr. Karen Whittemore who has an office in LaVerkin and Hurricane. She shows much more concern and is worried that his weight percentile has dropped to 20% and wants to figure out why he has such a hard time breathing. Thursday at the appointment Eli weighed 12 lbs and measured 26 in, so he is very long and skinny, and his lungs cave in everytime he breathes, and his nose runs like a river. She ordered an x-ray to check his lungs, prescribed antibiotics, as well as acid reflux medicine, and gave him the immunizations. Friday I we met with her again found out he does have a little bit of infection in his lungs and nose. She gave him an antibiotic shot to quickly clear up the lung infection before it turns to pneumonia. (Poor guy, shots are no fun! He is a trooper!) She also ordered a sweat chloride test to test for some kind of fibrosis (I'm not good with medical terms. I think it has something to do with asthma.) We did that today and then tomorrow it's back to her office to discuss the results. Oh, and one more thing, we have a machine that monitors his heartrate and breathing patterns at nigh as well. So needless to say, we have been busy these last few days. The antibiotics have cleared his nose which has really helped him breathe better. i don't think these other tests are of any concern, but it is good to know so we can take care of it if we need to. I'll be seeing the ENT next month as well. It could just be big adenoids and tonsils like our other kids. But with me knowing as little as I do about medical things, I need someone who shows enough concern so if something is wrong we can get it taken care of.

But through it all Eli is a trooper. He is always smiling and laughing. So it can't be too serious because he isn't lethargic, he is very much alert and curious and a happy baby. He is very interested in food now. Yesterday at the dinner table he wouldn't stop grabbing my plate and cup. I let him suck on some watermelon and you should have seen him, he was just slurpin' away. It's time to start the rice cereal, I'd say! He is such a sweetie-pie! He makes great eye-contact and coos and smiles at just about everyone who will pay attention to him, and no one can resist those bright blue eyes! I haven't met anyone yet, anyway.


katie said...

I am glad you figured out what was wrong! He is getting so big! I am so excited for trina to be having a boy! Has the new family moved in yet? I hope you guys enjoy them. You'll have to email me. By the way, it looks like you had fun on Kylers birthday.....4....crazy!!

FireMedicMom said...

I didn't know it was as bad as that. I understand why you have been stressed. Good luck on finding out how to make him feel better- and especially finding a doctor who will listen. That is sometimes hard. :) Good luck with youth conference this weekend as well!