Friday, August 8, 2008

Youth Conference July 12, 2008

Kevin and I were in charge of the Ward Youth Conference this summer. It was alot of work! But it turned out to be a huge success. The kids loved it and I think the leaders had a great time too, even if it was 100+ degrees outside. The theme...The Amazing Race E2E (Endure to the End). We started with a muffin breakfast at the church then we split them into 6 different teams. Each team had a different color bracelet to wear and a set of leaders/drivers. We had them race all over LaVerkin and Hurricane to find their challenge envelopes. Here are some pictures of the LaVerkin Overlook Challenge where they had to memorize a scripture before moving on.
Some other challenges that we didn't get pictures of were. Sand Hallow Reservoir Clean-up and Canoe Challenge, Lin's Supermarket Singing Challenge. Here they had to make up a song and sing it to earn tips.

After the race we had water balloons and this set up at a nearby field to help cool off.

Then we invited the parents to the taco salad dinner and enjoyed a special talk given by the one and only Emmett Smith. And no, not the football/Dancing With the Stars guy. The track runner/youth speaker. It was an excellent talk. It was probably one of the best youth conferences I've ever been to. Wish you could have been there.:)

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katie said...

It sounds like you guys did an awesome job!! Looks like alot of fun!