Monday, May 4, 2009

Hurricane 5K...I am a Champion!

I did it! I woke up early Saturday morning (before the sun), put on my running shoes, pinned my number to my shirt, grabbed my MP3 player, and headed out the door. I arrived at the high school just in time to catch the bus ride over to the starting line (the park on La Verkin's Main Street). The weather was perfect for a run...a slight chill with a slight breeze (I am grateful that the wind didn't kick in). The moment of truth had arrived and I was anxious to prove to myself that I could actually conquer this race and meet my goal of 40 min. It seemed a bit slow...13.3 min miles...but it was doable for me.:) This was, afterall my first race EVER.

I kept a nice steady pace starting off. I didn't want to burn out and have to walk the rest of the way. Surprisingly the first mile of the race seemed the hardest. My body had to get warmed up. Finally by the time I turned the corner to get on State Street I found my jive, and thanks to Coldplay's "Twisted Logic" I made it to the bridge and found the stamina to continue up that dreaded hill. It proved to be not too bad, and through my concentration, I was able to wave at a few random honking cars and a bystander who called out my name (sorry...whoever you were...I still am not sure who you are, but thank you so much for the encouragement)!

I just kept going....I found the strength to stick it out and not slow down. By the time I reached the curve I had caught up with Alex Santiago and waved to him as I passed.:) No offense...but I was proud that I could at that point of the race, actually pass anyone. I was tired, but I kept on moving my legs, knowing that the end was near, all I had to do was hold out for a few more blocks. I ran hard and then slowed down and then ran hard again. I had to get to that finish line and I figured the more people I could pass at that point the better. (I think I passed 7 people during the last leg...but 4 of the 7 passed me back.) My favorite part of the race, by far, is when I turned that corner (on the west side of the tennis courts) and saw the finish line! Ah blessed finish line! My wonderful family and a few devoted friends greeted me during that special moment. I'm so glad that they were was so nice to see them!

Kevin had the video camera out, but because he wasn't expecting me to be there so soon...he didn't get a shot of me crossing the line...only after.:) So, you could say that I beat expectations and you can see for yourself how I did (see image below). I definitely did much better than I ever expected to...and I hope to improve this time next month when Kevin and I race together!

Paulette Farnsworth did it! And I am so proud! It is something I would have never imagined myself doing even a year ago!:) Wahoooooooooooooo! I feel good! (Oh, and in case you were wondering, there were 120 runners in the 5K).


Saddie and Levi said...

Yeah hurray! Congrats!

Dansie Family said...

woohoo!! that is awesome! it is so addiciting. you'll be doing a half marathon very soon.

Tink said...

Yeah Paulette! YOU DID IT!!! We had to drive to Cedar that morning, so we were watching for you out the window, but I didn't see you! I yelled a "go Paulette" out the window as we were driving by but I'm sure it wasn't the one you are talking about because we couldn't see you! I just knew you were out there running! You did awesome for your first race! Next time you will pass lots of people!

miss marie said...

HOLY CROW, PAULETTE!!!! YOU. ARE. A. CHAMPION!!!!! look at that award. listen to that pride. look at that time!!! you are truly amazing. i simply could not be happier for you. YOU ROCKETH, WOMAN.

Jen said...

Congrats! I haven't run a 5K in a long time and doubt I could right now. That's awesome!