Friday, May 28, 2010

3rd Grade

So this will be short. My daughter brought home a video her teacher had made of different activities they were involved in throughout the school year, it was nice to be able to see all the cool things they did. Towards the end they played a montague of all the kids posing in front of pictures of George Washington and Abe Lincoln wearing a suit coat and posing like they were the next President of the United States, all the while the song "God Bless the USA" is playing in the background. When Elizabeth came up on the screen sporting the Black Suit Coat and looking very sophisticated (and extremely beautiful), I cried. Now before my man card get's taken away, let me expound. I didn't sob, just merely shed a tear and I am very proud of my little girl who's growing up.

The end.

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Paulette said...

Ah!!! That is so sweet!! I love it when you cry!! There is nothing " not manly" about it! She is growing up so much. She is beautiful!