Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day of Camelot

Also known as, Days I wish I had shards of glass in my eyes.

We went on friday to experience a different era in history, to educate our kids of this unique time, a much less civilized time. Knights in shining armour, bloody battles with crude weapons, you know that sort of thing.

First off, if this was Camelot, then it was a lot smaller than I had pictured, which did have it's perks, like excellent parking close to the entrance. It was amazing being one of only three families there as all these talented individuals portraying the different characters of the time were able to focus on us and almost stalkingly follow us around the grounds. (Let's be honest, who hasn't always wanted a stalker!) These guys were pretty classy, imagine if you will those fine people who help with the travelling circus, now add more awesomeness to the picture and whalah, you have the people of camelot!

Then there was the varities of chocolate....I'll let my wife Paulette tell you about that. (Please see Paulettespoint.blogspot.com)

My favorite part would have to be the belly dancer. I have posted a picture for your viewing pleasure. (Thanks to The Spectrum for your wise choice of pictures)

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Dayna said...

These might be the same belly-dancers that were at the art festival and I too wished I could not see them... Anyway I just wanted to say HI to Kevin. Believe it or not I miss working with you and your attitude. i hope you are holding good ole DLI together :)