Friday, April 17, 2009

A Bit Perplexed

First and foremost I must say that our new ward is pretty fun! We have the funnest sports team, always trying to include everyone, and making sure we all have a good time. We really don't care if we win or not. That is what church ball is all about, right? We have super fun enrichment activities every month. There's a book club, play dates, game nights, and even a movie night. All geared toward getting us out of the house and socializing together.
I decided to attend the movie night last night for the first time. Apparently it's meant to be a "classic" movie night. So naturally many elderly women were there, that don't have small children to put to bed. My friend Trina and I were the youngest attendants. We arrived a tad late, so the movie had already begun. Much to my surprise "27 Dresses" was playing on this big-screen TV in the middle of the living room. If you've never seen this movie, I might say that you are lucky, it is rated PG-13 and has slight nudity and many cases of profanity and one enormous instance of the mother of all swear words. An instance so demanding that it would take plugging your ears AND singing "lalalala" to be able to avoid hearing it. But of course you have to see it coming to prepare for such a ritual. This is a church activity!! There are so many movies to watch. Why were we stuck watching "27 Dresses?" I suppose I should have walked was not something I expected.
Now, you might say that I am being a little presumptuous. And I might be...but I am a bit perplexed and I don't know quite what to think. But something inside me says that this is all wrong...that we shouldn't have to be exposed to extreme hollywood at a church activity. I was looking forward to seeing a nice, sweet, classic movie. I hope that next month we will have learned from this experience and pick something more worthy of our viewing attention. If not I'm afraid I will have to say "no" to RS Movie Night. I hope for my best interest it will be the former and not the latter.


miss marie said...

go, paulette! you stand up for what's right, woman! i agree with the thought -- why should you have to stand up for your principles at a r.s. activity? i definately think they need to go back to classic movies. go, fight, win!

Tink said...

You're right, I think we should watch a Carry Grant movie next week. It's uncomfortable to watch such movies, especially at a church activity. I'm sorry its not what you expected, but I wasn't expecting that either. Hopefully next month will be better.

Saddie and Levi said...

Yeah, I've pretty much swore off PG-13. Those things are more offensive than I can handle. It makes me wonder why the movie rating people think this kind of stuff is okay for 13 year olds? yikes! Plus there are so many better things out there to watch and do, why bother with trash!?

miss marie said...

okay, the comment on my blog about Molly's MOUNTAIN is too hilarious for words -- i am still laughing! sicko farnsworths!