Thursday, April 16, 2009

Winter Rears It's Ugly Head, Yet Again

Spring, I thought you were here to stay.
Last month we celebrated your arrival.
What is this...snow in April?
Where are the gentle showers for thirsting flowers?

All I wanted was a cool and gentle breeze
While I attended my daughter's soccer game.
But what I got was the bitter cold accompanied by ferocious wind
That blankets can scarcely protect.

Spring, I miss you
And your mild and cheerful temperature
I fear that you will go too quickly
And all that is left will be the scorching heat of Summer.


miss marie said...

cool poem! amen. come back, spring. I saw your lot from up above the big hill yesturday and it looks AMAZING. couldn't be happier for you!
paulette, for some reason my computer didn't put up your latest entries, so i just happened to come on your blog to read your last entry and there was the awesome pink ladies post! so well said. we are blessed to have each other in what i believe is a life long friendship. we will be old ladies ridin' the saddle at texas roadhouse! thank you for what you said about me. that was so nice. and i know you meant it, which is nicer.

To Paulette: You have always been the most saint-like person i know. not because you're perfect, but because you exemplify what it means to be kind, and good, and thoughtful, and still. I admire that so much in you and wish I could breath some of it into myself. You use the things that happen to you to polish you, and i think that is amazing. Watching you at this time in your life is too awesome for words! I see in you a resolve and confidence I have never seen, and I love it, and can't wait to see you at the end of this particular journey!!!
Thank you for being a steadying and peaceful corner in my life. Thank you for being there for me through the hard and scary times and the good and awesome times! I love you.

Tink said...

Wow! How can I comment after Marie. She says it all so well, and I'm not that good with words. But I say AMEN to it all! You are awesome Paulette. I'm so glad to know you and be your friend/sister!! Because that's what you are. I want you to know how much you mean to me and I pray for you! I hope things are going better. I haven't seen you forever, but I hope you know I still think about you! You're awesome. Love Ya!