Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kirby Heyborne stole my family

At least Kyler doesn't look happy about it. That makes me feel a little better.


Jen said...

Cool. At least he's a Mormon who can support a family on an actor's salary!

Marie Loves Ben said...

watch out, kev. kirby is lookin' GOOD.

The Caffeinated Chef said...

Kirby has nothing on us. You missed a wicked game of Mario super sluggers baseball. Trina and I kick butt. Maybe next time you wont be too cool for the rest of us non actor, less famous people.

Tink said...

Kirby????? isn't that a vacuum cleaner?

Derrick and I TOTALLY kicked bottom! We ROCK!!! The Caffeinated chef can be on my team any time!
Next time you'll have to join us so we can beat you too! :-)