Monday, August 3, 2009

The Wonder That is Elizabeth Turns 8!

Yes, it is true...Liz had another birthday and is OFFICIALLY 8! 8 is great! She had her first ever slumber party with her 3 best friends. We had a blast celebrating her big day with a swim in her Aunt Valerie's pool and then we had stuffed crust pizza from Littler Ceaser's (her favorite), presents galore and of course cake and ice cream. We played a game or two...but they all had so much fun playing with Liz's new toys that I didn't have to worry about entertaining them much.
I honestly don't know how long they stayed up watching movies...they all seemed pretty tired so it couldn't have been too long. But when I asked Liz what her favorite part of her party was she said "staying up until after midnight." So that gives me a good idea.
Where does the time go, really? I still remember that day vividly when I held my sweet (but boisterous) baby girl in my arms for the first time. She had a pair of lungs on her like you wouldn't believe! She had come into the world and she was going to let the world know she was here! I knew she was a special girl with a strong spirit even then.
I love you, my darling Elizabeth! Thank you for coming to our family and blessing us with your lively personality! What would we do without you!

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Marie Loves Ben said...

what great parents! go, liz!