Friday, May 2, 2008

Fun Movie Night

It's been a while since we went to the movies. With a new baby in our family we just haven't had the chance to get away. Well, tonight we decided to splurge and take the whole family to see Horton Hears a Who. It was fantastic, very funny and a great family film. Elizabeth is our dramatic one and has really started to get into movies, when just months ago she would barely sit still long enough to watch one completely through. It made her cry at the end. She is growing into a little lady more and more. Eli was very good and sat through the whole movie. He watched most of it before falling asleep in my arms. Oh and he smiled alot today. I can't wait to hear his laugh, which I suspect will develop soon.
Kyler talks almost none stop these days. And the good thing is I can understand more than half of it. He's come leaps and bounds with his speech and understanding this last year since the tubes were put in. He is so smart, and even counts backwards from 10 to 0. The past couple of days he's been singing, "uptown girls ... na na na na na na....uptown girls." He loves music, especially Rock with screaming guitars. His favorite song is "Paradise City" by Guns and Roses. He gets mad at me when I try to skip the guitar interlude, which is a little heavy for my taste. I totally can see him in a rock band when he's a teenager. It'll be great! I'm totally fine with that as long as he learns primary songs as well, which I don't think will be a problem. He loves music.

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