Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting the Christmas Tree

Last year we decided that we would make a new Christmas tradition by cutting down our own tree. You have to go in the mountains where there is snow to get the Christmas tree, right? Or it just doesn't feel like Christmas! Especially when we don't usually have a White Christmas where we live. So we packed up the kids, brought along some hot chocolate and warm clothing, and ventured up to Cedar Mountain in search of the perfect tree.

Too make a long story short....we wandered off onto a side road thinking we would be fine. Well, we didn't get far before we discovered there was alot more snow than we anticipated and we got stuck! If any of you have a Honda Odyssey you can understand that they are not the best vehicles to be driving through the snow. It probably wouldn't take much to get that van stuck, we should have used our heads better. But we learned our lesson! Luckily there were people ahead of us who were able to push us out. 45 minutes, and several frustrations later we were able to be out and on our way to find the tree.

We didn't go far before we stopped a the side of the road. The snow was deep, up to our knees and we were already hungry and tired. Kevin quickly found the tree while we stayed by the car and played in the snow. It was an adventure we won't soon forget! The tree is beautiful and still smells fresh! Maybe next year we could do without the frustrations, though.

From our home to yours: Have a very Merry Christmas!!


Cara said...

I love this tradition. We used to go with our extended family up to Cedar where my uncle had land we could cut trees down on. Those are the best memories and your kids will definatly talk about it when they've grown up and all moved away!

Saddie and Levi said...

What a pretty tree! I have a hard time picking ones that aren't WAY to tall. That one looks just right and I bet it had a happy holiday in your front room.