Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday Christmas Program

Yesterday was a great day. Elizabeth sang with me in the choir program at church. She attended all the practices with me since early November. She is the youngest member of the choir, I am so proud of her. She sang her little heart out and she had no problem learning the songs. None of them were even remotely familiar either. I really don't know how well we sounded. I never received one complement or even an acknowledgment. But either way it was a very good experience. I hope she continues to sing with me! She looked so pretty in her new dress Grandma Farnsworth bought for her. I wish I had a picture. I'll have to get one soon and post it.

She also gave a wonderful talk in primary, she had double duty. She talked about the birth of Jesus and all the people who came to worship him. She wrote it all herself with very little help from me. She is so smart! I told her the story once and she caught right on and understood everything, from the angel appearing to the shepherds and the 3 wise men finding the new star in the sky and bringing gifts for the baby Jesus. She is learning that it is important to give more than to receive. I was so surprised to find that, without any help whatsoever, she had wrapped a present addressed to me and put it under the tree. I'm so excited to find out what it possibly could be. It's probably something she found lying around the house, but the jester is so darn adorable, I won't care one little bit if it is.

Merry Christmas, All! Only 3 days to go!

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Jen said...

Hey, congrats on the singing talking talented child! I haven't been over here since you changed the look and I love it. The google reader doesn't show backgrounds and stuff.