Sunday, December 14, 2008

Making Cookies With Mom

Yesterday afternoon it was blistery, cold and snowing. Elizabeth was off to a pizza party with her primary class, so Kyler and I made yummy chocolate chip cookies. He was such a good helper and had no problem staying on task. He helped with the measuring, mixing, stirring, and the best part...licking the beaters. He even helped with the scooping.
As you can see I couldn't even get him to stop long enough to smile at the camera. Believe me I tried! He just began to ignore me about the fifth time I asked him to say cheese. He was focused and determined to get the job done. It's amazing how different kids can be. Elizabeth likes to help but when it gets too boring she's off doing something else. But Kyler just sticks around until the job is done. We had so much fun making cookies together, and they were the best cookies we've EVER made!


katie said...

Kyler is getting so big! I think your baby has changed the most! I have not seen twilite yet, but I hope to soon. I miis you!

Dansie Family said...

fun. eliza helped me the other day and was a great scooper, too. she didn't last the whole time, but i did make a triple batch.